Nowadays it is essential to know how Internet use affects children under 12 years in the early stages of their learning process. We believe it is basic that children have a greater role and responsibility in the use of Internet.

The SAFE KIDS project by ISOC is created to educate parents and children in the use of the Internet and to raise awareness that it must take into account the needs of the youngest..

Children under 12 need to know and avoid the dangers of the network and parents need tools to protect without stifling their development.SAFE KIDS does not seek to create more monitoring tools but provide the youngest the education needed to be themselves those who detecte the threats.Childhood is the focus of this project: their enjoyment, their stimulation for learning to learn, their initiation in venture and, above all, their protection.Creating an Internet only for adults we risk forgetting that children are the future users of the network. We believe that it would be wise to listen to them, so the project will give a voice to children in order to encourage them to be users of new technologies since they are very young and give us their vision of what they want the Internet to be. We want to create a chapter in ISOC for children to ensure that legislation and protection tools are more favorable to them and where they have a voice to express their wishes and needs regarding Internet.

The project is not intended to create more monitoring tools but provide the youngest the education needed to be themselves those who detecte the threats.

You have children ? Want to colaborate in this project . Please fill this little survey and help us to create a best practices in internet to our childrens.


The overall aims of the project rests on three main pillars:

Identify and correct

the way children access the Internet through tools and recommendations


the youngest in good practices and responsibility. We want that adults can rely on how children use the Internet and that they can be safe with only minimal supervision

create a community

of children passionate about Internet. Having a firsthand knowledge of their wishes and concerns we can build an Internet that also takes into account their needs

Specific aims of the first phase:

Analyze the concerns of parents and teachers about the safety of their children and students when surfing the Internet.

Use this information to create educational tools that enable children to become self-sufficient and be able to take care of their own safety.

Create and distribute alert tools (monitoring, never blocking) for parents and teachers.


How are we going to achieve these goals:


  • Surveys will be designed for parents, teachers and children.
  • Surveys will be tested and validated by the Faculty of Sociology and the Faculty of Education at the University of Zaragoza.
  • A website will be created for data collection.
  • Surveys will be distributed in Europe and South America.
  • Data will be collected and analyzed by the University of Zaragoza.
    1. – Reports will be drafted and solutions will be proposed.
    2. – Results will be shown in a web.
    3. – Presentation at a press conference in Spain. Webinar. Participatory event.


  • Educational tools for parents and educators will be created from the conclusions of the previous phase.
  • Awareness and dissemination actions will be taken. A campaign of involvement of members from other chapters of ISOC will be launched to implement recommendations and broadcast educational guidelines in a web environment for parents.
  • Metrics will be evaluated for assessing the suitability of the solutions.
  • INET conferences on children’s views.
  • Survey will be extended to other continents.


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