Survey for parents


Dear Parent,

This survey is part of a study to determine the behavior of children under 12 when dealing with the Internet, mainly in terms of security, and to develop good practices aimed at both parents and teachers, and finally implement security tools aimed at this group. This survey is anonymous and consists of a set of multiple-choice questions which you must answer honestly.

The survey is not going to take you more than 15 minutes, so please, answer all questions. You only have to read each question carefully and choose one of the given options.

To begin , please introduce your data. Only e-mail and nationality are required. Name is optional.

Introduce your data

I. General data of your home

General information concerning the person completing the survey, such as age, residence, etc.

Please, let us know your gender

Would you consider that your family is single-parent or two-parent?

Let us know in what age group you are

Age range of dependent children


In this part of the survey you can find several questions on general matters relating to the use of Internet and New Technologies by your family at home. You only have to read the question carefully and answer sincerely.

Regarding the use of new technologies, we are interested in knowing the contents your child access over the Internet:

Regarding Internet access, where does your child usually get connected?

Please, tell us at what age did your child begin or will begin to use a "mobile smartphone":

Do you think that your child spent too much time connected to new technologies or that he/she is addicted to any of his/her gadgets?

Do you think the use of the Internet by your child makes it difficult to set limits in the family?

Do you think that, nowadays, families are more fragmented due to the use of new technologies and the Internet in particular?

Do you have the feeling that a good parent is the one who is aware of what his/her child is doing online?

Please, let us know what devices do you have and the quantity of each of them

How often do you talk to your child about his/her behavior regarding


Following is a battery of 12 questions about security issues when your child / children access to the Internet at home. Try to be as honest as possible when answering.

Do you think the Internet has forced you to have conversations with your child that, otherwise, you would not have had?

If you have to indicate, from 1 to 5, the degree of confidence you have in the use of the Internet by your child, what would it be? (1 = No confidence at all 5 = total confidence)

Do you think children can easily access to unsuitable contents for their age on the Internet?

Have you ever had any kind of extra cost because your child has downloaded any app or has made a payment online?

Have you ever spied on your children online activities?

Have you installed in your child’s mobile any device to control internet access, any activity monitoring or anything similar?

Do you think it would be useful to have a set of good practices for internet safety to share with your child?

Have you ever spied on your children’s social media activities?

Have you ever performed any of the following actions?

Has your child received any training on Internet safety?

What topics do you think are interesting for your child to get more information?

Would you trust leaving alone your children surfing if they had more information?

When leaving your child alone with Internet access devices, you prefer

What do you prefer when controlling your child's access to internet?

Personal data protection

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Thanks for taking part in our survey

We want to thank you for having done this survey.

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